Hi! My name is Ronni.

I am your new small business & branding mentor.


Hey you! I knew you would be stopping by.   

What's that? How did I know you'd be visiting? I have the strangest ability of just knowing things. Can't tell you how but I just know, you know?

This "gift" is exactly how I was able to successfully create and run 3 small businesses of my own and assist over a dozen others start and brand the heck out of their own companies. 

I love running businesses and the challenges created therein. I love being able to take a problem and use my unique skillset to solve it using logic, business savvy, psychology and a tiny bit of magick. I specialize in small business branding and personal branding. 

I founded and operate 3 businesses, two of which are in their 5th year of business. 

I have over a decade of digital marketing experience, social media strategizing and web design. I am also currently attending college for marketing and business management, just to hone my natural abilities. 



An adequate brand coach doesn't mollify. I will not sugar coat anything or hand hold during our time working together. Branding is hard and I truly believe, the last thing you need is someone who will not be honest with you about the processes and what needs to be done. 

An adequate brand coach is honest about their ceiling. The chances of me not being able to give you guidance on a particular subject as it relates to branding are slim however, if it were to happen, I will be upfront and honest about my lack of knowledge in said area and I will gladly refer you to the best place to get help.

An adequate brand coach is trustworthy. I will do everything in my power to ensure a safe and thorough process and to give you everything you you need to be successful.  You could have chosen anyone but you chose me and I do not take that lightly. I promise to work as hard as you do and give you 100%.   

You will walk away with a new brand aesthetic that you love, a ton of new information, and a new-found respect for hard work and diligence. 

I cannot wait to meet you and get to work! 

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