The Process

1. "Tequila Talk"

After initial inquiry, you will receive a Calendly link to book a 20-30 minutes "tequila talk" with me via Skype. During this call, I will explain my packages in details, such as what’s included, timeline, and their processes from start to finish. Throughout the call, I will encourage you to ask me all your questions in order for me to get to know your business. We will discuss your vision for the future and your goals and expected results for hiring me. This step will help us get to know each other and be open as a team and also allow me to recognize the package that is best for you and your current stage of business development. At the end of the call, you will get my assurance for sending you a follow-up email regarding the next step with a project proposal and contract.

2. "Project Take Off"

If we vibe and feel that we’re a perfect team, you will send me back the contract, together with the proposal signed by you. I’ll send an invoice for the first payment to keep your spot and start the ball rolling.  Once your payment is completed, you will receive an official Welcome e-mail from me.

3. "Fun Begins!"

This is where all the fun and hard work begins. In the welcome e-mail, you will receive customized instructions on the next step. You will be given direct contact information for me and given a detailed plan of action specific to you and your goals as a business owner.